Shavige Uppittu / Semiyan Upma / Vermicelli Upma Recipe – Breakfast Quick fix

Vermicelli / Semiyan / Shavige (in Kannada) is a delicious Indian noodle that can be used for savoury and sweet preparations. Here, in Karnataka, we use it mainly for upma on a regular basis, to boost our energy to face the morning rush. Shavige Uppittu or Semiyan Upma can be made of different varieties of vermicelli and can be made by different methods as well. Here’s a straight up Upma. I shall post a variety some time in the future.

However, this one’s for the everyday man / woman / teenager on the run. Easy, quick, loaded with the goodness of vegetables and oh-so delicious!! Be it for your lunch box or a sit-down breakfast, this recipe lends a comforting hug to your senses.

“Anna daata sukhi bhava”

So go on, repeat, relish and leave me your feedback on the comments section.

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