Selecting the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey – Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart breaks down the difference between all the different types of turkeys to pick from this year.

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Selecting the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey – Martha Stewart


  1. I know this sounds weird but we braise ours with garlic powder,chicken seasoning, and parsley flakes I know you prefer fresh but we use this so seldom it’s not practical, also we fill our roaster pan 1/2 with water and baste it every 1/2 hr and this makes (thee) best moist Turkey along with a couple of gallons of incredible stock that makes the most wonderful gravy base

  2. Hahaha…when are we spreading out the frozen turkeys to peruse?? I guess not. Ya gotta love Martha; she lives that life we all wonder about… Happy THanksgiving Martha..! you keep us learning about what we’d never otherwise know… but maybe we’ll win the lottery!! 😉

  3. …siempre es un placer……interesante siempre, siempre, siempre……

    ……me quedo con el 4to de izquierda a derecha………………………..siempre tengo hambreeeeeee…

  4. That’s so great that you’ve done this. I think we don’t see the difference between the choices we make unless it’s laid out this way 🙂 I myself buy organic, I make the focus of everything to be natural low cost decor shopping but splurge on quality food which in my opinion should be what really matters. Everything we buy counts where it came from how it was raised fed or treated and support those who deserve it. Thanks:-)

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