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Seafood pasta pescatore style, (seafood and pasta) is a great combination and this makes sense why it is so very popular world wide. Seafood is a great healthy food group to have and enjoy with great flavours that seafood combination can create in conjunction with pasta, giving you obviously a seafood pasta.

Pescatore means fisherman, which is plain to see and generally why a fisherman’s (pescatore) delights would be seafood and this is what a pescatore would cook up when out at sea or even back from the days catch because the seafood would be the freshest, most flavoursome and succulent. All this in addition to the simplicity of the whole dish with the ease of cooking the pasta and combining everything to create wonderful seafood flavours to make a seafood pasta (Pescatore Style) this meaning Seafood Pasta fisherman style.

The beautiful seafood pasta you see in this video contains pescatore style delights such as prawns, mussels, calamari and fish.These seafood delights in this seafood pasta are sweet, succulent and full of flavour. Also they are specific for the cooking time of the recipe so that everything will cook on time at the right texture to give an awesome base and taste sensation for the taste buds.

Seafood pasta pescatore style can be made in different ways with different seafood preferences, this comes from the understanding that we have beautiful creative processes and abilities as humans that allow us to be imaginative and original to add flamboyance and fun in our lives.

Seafood pasta pescatore style, is a simple easy way to enjoy fresh, succulent, healthy tasty seafood, along with the great healthy combination of pasta this gives a very simple dish of Seafood Pasta.

Pescatore Style is a traditional way to enjoy these mouth watering seafoods, with flavours that excite the taste buds and give everlasting memories of taste which give energy vibration so powerful that it triggers our memory to retain the experience forever.

Please try this fabulous recipe of Seafood Pasta (Pescatore Style) because it is a long proven recipe withstanding the test of time.
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This is a classic seafood pasta pescatore style dish served in many regions of Italy and many Italian restaurants around the world. Cooked with mussels, prawns, calamari and fish this is a beautiful flavoured pasta and here we cook it with tomatoes. Pasta, particularly spaghetti, goes fantastic with seafood. See recipe/method below.


Olive Oil
White Wine
Sliced Garlic
Calamari (chopped)
Prawns (fresh)
Mussels (fresh)
Fresh Fish Fillets (chopped)
Tomato (puree)
Parsley (chopped)


-bring 3 litres of water to the boil for the pasta
-salt boiling water to taste
-add spaghetti (250grams)
-stir spaghetti every 15 – 20 seconds in the first minute or so as not to stick
-stir spaghetti (once) every minute there after
For Sauce:
-heat oil in pan till hot
-add calamari and prawns and cook for approximately one minute
-add mussels and allow to open slightly
-add fish
-add salt to taste
-add garlic
-cook for 1 – 2 minutes
-add wine and allow to evaporate
-add tomato with a pinch of salt to season tomato
-stir through and cook for approximately 3 minutes
-always checking pasta as you go
-place lid on and lower heat
-you will find a lot of moisture at this point, (don`t concern yourself as the added pasta will absorb much of this moisture whilst cooking in the sauce)
-check pasta to see if ready and strain 2 minutes before required cook time (look at packet instructions)
-add to sauce stirring thoroughly and allow pasta to cook and the sauce to stick to the pasta.


  1. I found your channel recently and tried this recipe right away. So glad I did – it was delicious! Great video , clear presentation and instructions. Subscribed today, and will be checking out more. Thank you!

  2. Absolutely delicious <3 I just made it, had all the ingredients but didn't know exactly what order to use them in. My daughter who's one loves it as well. And she usually doesn't eagerly eat pasta dishes. Thank you 🙂

  3. Thank you for the video. Could you please tell me what kind of flavour were you add when the video starts at 3:49 ?and what kind of fish? sorry, my listening is poor.

  4. Love your recipe for this dish & have made it & hubby & I love it. The frustrating thing for me is that in AUS it can appear on a menu as pescatore & marinara. Then I look at American sites that marinara is actually napolitana. Go figure! Why is food so complicated when nonna didn’t complicate a thing 😛

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