Saved 2 Serve Ministries – Sandstone Cafe Christmas Dinner & El Aguila Restaurant Taco Feed

Saved 2 Serve Ministries is merging with local business’s (kingdom building) in the inner Cities through out the Columbia Basin area. We are excited in what father is doing in Christian Business owners in our community by allowing God to use their business’s to impact their Cities with food, clothes,employment and through demonstration. From the first of the year of 2012 we have been discipling local business’s by getting under them and lifting them up to be more like Christ making their dreams and passions come true. To see the fruit of your labor of love out working in their life is awesome and rewarding to your soul,…glory to God. They may not be preaching or baptizing people but they are advancing the kingdom of God and functioning in the body of Christ in their own “unique way” reaching thosands with the love of Christ making the differance in thier local neighborhods. Living for God is not all about chapters and verses but about following His voice with your heart and making what you hear a living reality/demonstration on earth. Learn to pour your life into other’s like Jesus poured His life into His disciples and lift them up to be more like Jesus.#disciplship

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