sAs PizzaNight: Papa John’s Italian Meats Four Cheese Pizza

Tonight, PizzaNight Takes a look at the newest promotional pizza from Papa John’s as well as a sweet surprise.

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  1. Pie looks good, Love the look of the cheese. Not sure about the cookie though. Think you should start an sAs google plus page now haha. What a nightmare it has been but yea just got to go with it I guess =(

  2. The chocolate chip cookie is $5 if you order it as a special. Otherwise, it’s $6. Just like the pizzas, if you order them through the specials they have, it’s a discount. Otherwise they are full price.

  3. The pizza looked very tasty, I might have to order that this Sunday.

    And how about they put the icing that they put on donuts and sprinkles and cherries lol

  4. Sounds like a good regular pizza, but nothing will ever beat the Pizza Hut dessert pizza’s you could get at the buffet’s.  Never found a place that had them for delivery. 

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