Santa’s Elves – Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys – Freshpet

Adorable dogs and cats dressed as Santa’s elves with human hands making toys: just another thing to love about the holidays.


For each share of this video, Freshpet will donate one fresh meal to a pet in need from our network of pet rescues and shelters.

Watch the behind the scenes video to see how we did it!

See last year’s Freshpet Holiday Feast!

We are on a mission – to bring the power of real, fresh pet food to dogs and cats. And we’re committed to doing so in ways that are good for our pets, for people and for the planet.

At Freshpet, our dogs and cats aren’t just our pets. They’re part of the family. And as our families choose to eat fresh, less-processed foods, we thought it made sense that our pets should too. That’s why we made Freshpet. Just fresh meats and fresh veggies, and no preservatives. Look for the Freshpet fridge and our new Fresh Baked recipes in the pet aisle.

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Special thanks to the Salt Lake County Animal Service for their participation in this video

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Paws painting in background by Heather Mattoon. See more at


  1. I love this, laughed so hard. Now I can show my Grandkids who helps Gramma make all the toys I send them. Reminds us why we’re always proud to say we’re ‘Dog People’. They always add so much love and happiness to our lives and help a great many more people to live more happy, fuller, independent lives. Great job Freshpet, thx!

  2. No matter how many times I watch this (& there have been many, MANY times over these last 2 yr’s) I always feel happy all the way up to “the Top”…& ALWAYS laugh myself silly…  : )
          I’ve also shared it so many times…LOVE IT to BITS…  (*,_*)

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