Roasted Squash & Goats Cheese Roulade | French Guy Cooking

Bonjour Food Tubers! This vegetarian and gluten free recipe from French Guy Cooking is a fantastic alternative to Christmas turkey and much quicker to cook! Ricotta and goats cheese mixed with fennel seeds and lemon and layered with spinach and toasted almonds on to a roasted squash roulade. Full of flavour this is a dish you’ll be cooking in to the new year and beyond. has loads more gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy free recipes right here: And plenty of traditional Christmas recipes too: Enjoy!

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V – This is a vegetarian recipe
GF – This is a gluten free recipe

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  1. La recette semble savoureuse et originale, mais ( à moins que je ne sois aveugle ou sourde ) vous ne mentionnez pas les quantités d’ingrédients, elle est donc irréalisable, c’est dommage …

  2. is it possible to make this a head of time and then to warm a little before serving? I’d like to make this as a side for my thanksgiving this year, but am worried i won’t be able to if i can’t start it ahead of time : /

  3. I wish I could find that cheese in my country or some other ingredients. I would love to try a good vegetarian dish. Being vegetarian here is difficult. Thanks Jamie !

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