Red Lentil Chili Recipe – Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker!

This gorgeous red lentil chili is not only pretty but creamy and delicious.
This wonderful recipe is by Chef AJ:


  1. I soaked my lentils and used 1 cup less water. I used fire roasted can tomatoes with sodium, but did not add any salt, the next day after eating my taste buds started to taste lots of salt in other canned goods that did not seem that saulty before. Salt is poison in larger doses. Great recipe! will be making it all the time now.

  2. Took 5 minutes in the shop, 5 minutes to get it in the pan. People say it takes too long to cook and they don’t have the time and that’s supposed to be their excuse for not doing it. Waiting at the fastfood place would take me longer. It smells delicious in here and as this just sits there and simmers for a couple of hours, i can go do plenty of other things. Thank you for making the requested lentil receipe. I really didn’t know how to use them in a way that would suit most western tastebuds. Of course all the traditional African dishes are also delicious but the herbs and things are just hard to find in a regular shop and i would have to go out of my way to find a lot of those things.

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