Wrap a pig up in a blanket
This Christmas
Feed it fruit
It’s so cute
Keep it warm
Wrap a pig up in a blanket
This Christmas
Let her babies live
This Christmas
When they are born.
Enjoy a turkey crown
This Christmas
Cos crowning a turkey
Feels so sweet
To make a turkey
Feel like royalty
Instead of poultry
This Christmas
Give your turkey
The right to life
As a treat.
I stuffed up at Christmas time
Long ago
And forgiveness
I will never ever find,
But now instead
I enjoy
Stuffing up my own gob with stuffing,
Instead of stuffing up
The turkeys hollowed behind.
I once knew a baby
Called Terry
His life was short lived
Poor boy,
His mummy’s milk
Was turned into chocolate orange
And named in his absence
For you to enjoy.
Save some babies lives
This Christmas,
Have a heart
And give vegan Wensleydale a chance,
Instead of dead babies
Mothers breast milk coagulations,,
Try Sainsbury’s vegan cheeses
Made from plants.
Keep your Christmas ham fresher
This Christmas,
By leaving it attached
To Babe’s hip,
Let Babe live in sanctuary
With his mates
And his family,
Where he’ll avoid gas stunning
And his throat being slit.
Have a happier meal deal
This Christmas
By boycotting dairy meat and hens ovulations,
Peace starts on your plate
So don’t let tradition dictate
And have wonderful vegan Christmas celebrations.
So thanks for listening to my Christmas poem
I hope I haven’t come across too preachy,
I’m Banana Warrior Princess
And in YouTube you can reach me

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  1. Thank you for going out and educating people on veganism. I genuinely like the way you convey your message as it is respectful and doesn’t involve “blaming or harassing” if you will. After finding out about veganism, I’m definitely making the transition. The little change I can make is better than contributing to the problem.

  2. <3 Love your videos, I think of all the vegan activists youtube channels your content is my favourite! When I get a job I'll be helping you out on Patreon.

  3. Great video as always. The woman who “was” vegetarian and stopped for “practical reasons”….. ugh, I hate when people make excuses and even worse, people who are off meat and make a conscious decision to go back onto it again.

  4. Yes of course they will make excuses and spout all the usual bollocks. “no point not eating meat because one person isn’t going to make a difference…blablabla” but they still have to go through those thought processes that we all had to (or at least I did) to come to the truth. It is so easy for us to make comments about what assholes they are.. but brainwash is a powerful thing. Sometimes I try to have these conversations with friends and family and the utter shite that comes out of their mouths is astounding… and I wonder “what would BWP say”? haha. Your approach is great and these videos help alot! x

  5. I love the music right at the end. It reminds me of the music they played in amsterdam recently in this loumge area you could sit and do magic truffles.

  6. I think a lot of the people just haven’t experienced bad health yet. So they have not needed to change their lifestyle drastically. They don’t realise what the meat is doing to their body. Once your health hits rock bottom and you have to make changes, you eventually get to a point where you have to remove meat from diet. Most people in our country don’t experience this until they get a bit older(30-50), once they have bombarded their colon with so much crap that they cant remove toxins so they end up with all sorts of symptoms of disease. Of course many people do experience bad health but we are all so indoctrinated from birth so much that we also have to re program our brain in many other ways not just the knowledge of health/lifestyle. Will power is a big thing too, being able to avoid temptation. If you bombard yourself with bullshit for so long then your signals will be offline so you cannot hear your body. Especially if you mask the symptoms with drugs from a doctor which is another point of indoctrination where we lack the knowledge of health/lifestyle so much that we think we always need a doctor when all we really need to do is detoxify our cells. Too many people try to share their opinions and beliefs without having the prior knowledge of the systems. I was the same, we all are, I still have a lot to learn, we all do. We are taught so much false knowledge through schooling/media and we tend to parrot it back like it is the gods honest truth. Things are much simpler than they have us believe. 🙂

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