Raw Vegan Weight Loss Before After Transformation

Day 382 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/Whatever

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(Better sleep, healthy joints, mental clarity, cravings went away, feeling lots of energy, happy, improved vision and digestion, better circulation and balanced hormones)

I purposefully left WEIGHT LOSS out of my ONE YEAR RAW VEGAN video here: https://youtu.be/ZZ5DMuyUg-Q because I really wanted to focus on ALL the health benefits… but I also did want to showcase what it did for my body in this video.

I know it’s not about the weight loss, but it’s my outward expression of a healthful interior so I want to share a video I shot from right before I decided to be a raw vegan. Bloated, tired, feeling like crap and sluggish, bad sleeps (waking up with panic attacks nightly), addicted to energy drinks and Doritos, craving everything, eating anything, not caring anymore about my health, full of acne, no energy, I even BREATHE funny in the little video if you listen closely I sound completely blocked and stuffed up which I never noticed until I re-watched it. I had sugar imbalances, crashes and had tons of yeast, bladder infections, imbalanced hormones, sore joints, brain fog, and a really bitter attitude. My face and hair were super oily and I had cellulite, dry skin in places and didn’t even care to get out of bed most days. My metabolism was all messed up from calorie restricting and binging on chips and ranch dip with fried chicken. I was cold ALL the time especially in my hands and feet.

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  1. Awesome video. I’ve become raw vegan due to my health as well. I only have one kidney, my diet was utter crap. I went to the drs and had to have a blood test for an ear infection, found out I have type two Diabetes and a failing liver. My Dr said if I don’t become a healthy person I was going to die. ps I’m only 31. I’ve been one week raw vegan and oh my goodness, I can feel the positive change on my body, I feel the energy, I feel mentally a lot happier. And the nitty gritty, my digestive system is working like never before, getting all the toxins out.

  2. I think there is more to weight loss than following a specific diet, such as calorie tracking and high volume/low calorie. The fact that nuts and seeds have such a lot of calories in them for such a small amount makes this diet very difficult for weight loss in that for weight loss, calories still have to be tracked and eating tiny portions of something high calorie (like seeds and nuts), is a recipe for feeling unsatisfied and deprived.The sense of deprivation, without adding something to make it tasty and satisfying from a portion size perspective, not to mention the sacrifice of foods that were considered “treats,” and complete change of eating as we’ve always known eating, can cause binge eating. These pics don’t show the whole picture of the amount of sacrifice necessary and the difficulties that coping with such restrictedness entails.

  3. i believe what was important in your transformation was the shift in your thinking and your belief system. the weight loss was the byproduct of your changing your thinking about our environment, your environment. nice job!

  4. I’ve always wanted to start a type of vegan diet because I only will eat chicken and I don’t even like it that much. I’ve always wanted to help animals as well, I’m very “lazy” with cooking so I think that eating raw things will be so easy for me! I can’t wait to start this! Thank you for sharing your story!

  5. You look amazing. May I ask did you experience any facial breakouts when first starting your vegan diet? I’m only 6 days meat free and my face is breaking out. If so, how long did it last. Thank you.

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