RAW VEGAN TACOS! Mushroom Taco Meat

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  1. NIce cooking videos, brava! but I would break the raw rule with fungi…. These mushrooms, as well as crimini and portobello are not digestible in any substantial way by the human body if not well cooked. Also, this agaricus mushroom is ‘mildly toxic’ if eaten raw, which means you might be ok eating a few slices on a salad, but eating them raw in large amounts is not recommended. I wonder how many people don’t know this yet? I get my information about mushrooms from ‘The Fungal Pharmacy’ by Robert Rogers, but also Paul Stamets, David Aurora, and other people who have been studying them and cooking with them for an extended period of time. Some edible fungi are downright toxic when not cooked or under cooked, like the popular morels for example. Another thing to consider is that store-bought mushrooms are probably not really ‘vegan’ since they use the feces of caged and stalled animals to grow them. Of course, this is also often true of store-bought vegetables and fruits, organic and ‘conventional’. How do my fellow Vegans propose that we get around these sticky little issues? Personally I think that Vegans and plant-leaning omnivores should become more involved with growing their own fruits, veg’s and mushrooms, whenever possible. If you are rich and you own land, why not convert it to a vegan polycultural system that does not enslave domestic animals nor make enemies of wild ones? YES VE GAN!

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