Raw Vegan Gourmet VS Simple Cooked Vegan Food

Hey guys! In this video I talk about what has happened to me since incorporating some raw gourmet foods into my diet, and why I’m going back to fruit mono-meals, simple salads, and liquids. Also, why some cooked vegan foods might be a better option than raw gourmet. Peace and health to you all!

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  1. Gourmet raw food is so addictive. I am having a hard time giving it up because it’s helping stop some of the emotional detox and giving me a feel good “high” during stressful times. You are so right though. Thank you for this video 💜

  2. Kevin! What do you think about salt? Last night I had a raw gourmet ZLT sandwich and felt incredibly dehydrated afterwards (even this morning). Although raw gourmet foods are okay once in a while, it does seem to have draining affects. Do you think that one should consume moderate amounts of salt on a regular basis to have a social life and keep sodium levels at bay? I was just wondering since salt isn’t a health food. It would be awesome if you could do a video on this one day and share how much you consume 🙂

    Cheers, Judy

  3. Excellent video man. You’re right.I tried all kinds of things coming off a SAD diet a year + ago. Gluten free pizza made me feel just as bad as a regular pizza. I thought “organic” this and “hormone free” that was the way to go. I loved lasagna/pizza/dairy etc. but still felt energy loss when I tried making the “purest” lasagna possible. Wrong approach. The issue was is the “food” acid forming or alkaline forming as a result of digestion in my case. Most foods we were all taught to eat (meat/grains/dairy) have acid blow back. Acids are corrosive & destructive.

  4. Yes, simple cooked vegan foods may be a better option than higher fat raw gourmet foods. This video was indeed very helpful! Now, are dehydrators good to have as a raw foodie?

    Congrats on 500 subscribers 🙂

  5. I love your videos. You have such a lovely calmness. I agree with you….raw gourmet foods do not suit me at all. I get tired and sluggush. High water fruits give me so much energy! Feel so light and my stomach feels flat and empty. If I eat steamed sweet potato or other steamed vegetables I still feel pretty good compared to high fat raw. Keep the videos coming ☺

  6. wonderfully explained. i enjoy the clear and reflected way you explain these things. i have nothing to share on my own experience as i am still not fully sure what is happening in my digestive tract. you have such a beautiful way of bringing spiritual, emotional and physical understanding together. thank you for sharing. very inspirational, as always 💞 😀

  7. Thank you for your honesty and openness. I find the raw vegan gourmet food , specifically the fat and salt , to be very addictive. Once I start it’s hard to stop. I notice it immediately . My eyes are puffy and I am relatively constipated ( going only once a day) . I was eating this way ( high fat, salt) while away last weekend and I ended up with a hemorrhoid. I really need to limit fat and salt.

  8. Yes. Thanks for sharing your journey of states of consciousness in their relationship with a natural clean nourishment; good helpful example to many. Big hug

  9. I totally agree with you! Foodcombining is so important, I actually also talked a bit about that in my latest video! Sometimes our bodys need groundning and then raw gourmet could be good, but longterm it does not work so well in my experiences too!

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