Raw Almond Butter Fudge | Vegan, Paleo

This raw almond butter fudge isn’t your traditional fudge recipe. Unlike traditional fudge made with heavy cream, refined sugar, and butter, this fudge isn’t cooked and is made only from pure raw ingredients.

However, it’s so decadent that it’s hard to believe that it’s raw. The consistency is rich, creamy, and will melt in your mouth.

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  1. I love your recipes!  I’m going through them one by one.  I love your sweets/desserts, as I find them so satisfying and satiating… so healthy and raw and perfect for this ethical vegan!  🙂  EDITED to add:  You two are the sweetest couple.  I love the educational explanations behind the why and how, in addition to the commentary at the end which really enhances the whole recipe creating experience.

  2. all your recipes looks just amazing. but most of them are not raw. i have said it before to you… but yeah. why you write it is raw if it is not? 😀

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