I’m munching on ramen noodles, dumplings or steamed buns, farro, and more for today’s Mukbang ASMR video. Today we are cooking in my kitchen. I hope you enjoy. xx

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Please grab your favorite meal and eat with me, or just sit back and enjoy the eating show and watch me eat.

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  1. Question.. how do you hold all that food in your stomach.. I have Allways like takes a few bites of food and I’m full, I never finish food at a restaurant just a few bites in I’m so full, I take it home of course

  2. I love your stories they are kinda educational and it shows that you were able to turn your life around and so could others who have been in your shoes

  3. This looked so delicious and I wish I had some of that Farro stuff but I’ve noticed white marks on your arm and I was wondering if you used to cut or what are they? Sorry for asking just curious. And hope you make more videos like these!

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