Quick Tips to Learning New Italian Vocabulary Fast


It may seem impossible to increase your Italian vocabulary in weeks, let alone minutes, but here are some great word-related tips to help with just that!

As Italian and English share the same language root — they are both Romance languages — there are a number of words that require very little change from English to become an Italian word. Amazing, right?

First, there are a number of words that are almost exactly the same. These words typically have English endings of -or, -al, -ble. They simply require a change in pronunciation, though the spelling may be slightly different, since letters may double and the Italian root word may be different.

The second set of English words that can be easily changed to Italian are often those that have word endings of -ist, -ic, or -est. These words require only the addition of a letter, usually a vowel sound added in the word ending.

Finally there is the third set of English words that can relatively easily become their Italian counterpart. These words typically end in -tion, -nce, and –ty. While there is a change in both the sound and composition of the related English words, it’s still relatively easy to see the connection between the two words.

See examples in the video from the Pimsleur Approach and find simple ways to increase your Italian vocabulary with our guidelines.

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