Quick Healthy Child Friendly Breakfast Smoothie Summer Fruits Recipe

Quick Healthy kids breakfast smoothie with summer fruits.

Hi I’m Coby,
In this video today im going to show you how to make a quick easy breakfast smoothie for your children. I love making breakfast smoothies for my kids as there really quick, it gives them a great start to the day and there very nutritious. You can add lots of things to them without them really knowing.
So in this one today were making a summer smoothie with some nectarines and then some spinach.
They might freak out about the colour but that’s ok they’ll get used to it. Some frozen bananas and in this little bowl I’ve got some Chia seeds and some maca powder.
Maca powder is great for energy and their immune system and Chia seeds are good for healthy fats. Then also we’ll add 350ml of rice milk.
OK so whiz that up in your Thermomix or high speed blender whatever you’ve got at home for about 45 seconds and all the lumps are gone.
So that’s that done, take the lid off. OK so this is really green if your children don’t think that’s very appealing make it exciting for them call it a super green smoothie, or a hulk smoothie or a ninja turtle smoothie.
There’s breakfast nice quick simple and nutritious.
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