Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks | Ideas/Recipes

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-Avocado toast
-Veggies & hummus
-Apples & almond butter
-Chocolate covered strawberries
-Peanut butter, banana, & cinnamon toast
-Edamame & sea salt
-Yogurt & blueberries
-Healthy chips/puffs
-Justins peanut butter cups
-Nutiva coconut bites

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My name is Maryana Dvorska! My channel is mostly vlogs that are based around fitness, nutrition, working out, and balancing my life while trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally! I post lots of full days of eating videos as well as workouts, both fitness and non fitness clothes try on hauls, and more! Hope you enjoy!


  1. just discovered your channel and I am now obsessed!!
    I love your videos, they are all so helpful and it makes me feel so good to know I don’t need to restrict myself to be healthy and see progress. I have got so much inspiration and ideas from you so thank you!!

  2. LOVED THIS VID BB <3 <3 Have you ever tried Trader Joes' eggplant hummus? It's the PERFECT combo of baba ganoush / hummus flavors. I think you'd enjoy itttt xoxo

  3. Hi! Random comment but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following along with your videos/instagram for a couple weeks now and I am so glad I found you! You have inspired me to not only focus on losing weight, but to become a better me by eating and being healthy. I always get intimidated by other “health gurus” (? lol) but you seem very very relatable and it’s almost like i’m going thru this journey with a friend so thank you for that 💙 i recently started a 90 day workout plan and i’m on day 23 and you have helped me so much in staying committed. thank you for everything and i can’t wait to see more videos from you guys! take care xx

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