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Hi Guys! I’m sharing with you guys some of my go-to snacks. Please know I am NOT a cook. I just like to eat things that are healthy, easy and taste good. Snacks are really important for me because if I get hungry, thats usually when I turn to whatever is around and make BAD food decisions. Having snacks on hand keeps me from eating junk. If you guys want to see more healthy food ideas, let me know!
Also if you are looking for a great Vegan protein, I really recommend this one from Sunwarrior. I love it. You can check it out here http://bit.ly/1Pypv7b
xoxo Eman
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  1. 1. Toast (especially with gluten in it) insnt healthy
    2. These ideas I’ve literally seen everywhere super unoriginial
    3. Lol why are you saying “if you don’t like this fruit/veggie” don’t use it obviously why tf would we use something we don’t like

  2. Hi Eman.  Loved the tips on the snacks.  Would love to become vegan myself.  I have tried a few times but find it hard making 2 different meals as my boyfriend prefers to eat meat.  Would love if he gave it a try with me.  I can really see the change in you from your videos.  You look so healthy and beautiful.  Please share more tips

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