Healthy, quick, and easy chicken dinner recipe. Cook with me as I make one our traditional healthy, yet cheap, dinner recipes that is super fast to make and also good for you! This is a recipe that even a beginner cook could do since it is easy, simple, and uses only a few ingredients. This delicious chicken recipe takes little to no preparation so is perfect for the busy mom, busy wife, or just anyone with a busy schedule! The chicken is seasoned with Rotisserie seasoning, paired with some basic sides of; Italian bread, grapes, and green beans. Like I said, this recipe is perfect for the beginner or experienced cook since it takes so little preparation and will be on the table in under an hour! This is one of our favorite chicken dinner meals! It’s healthy “fast food” and tasty too!

Also included in this video is a short Walmart grocery haul and all the ingredients that I’ll be using in this recipe. This is a great recipe for eating healthy on a budget!

This video was partly inspired by The Fundamental Home channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0EqbzxI9YYQnuUXTiEisw. I just love how, Amanda, shares her some of her recipes with her viewers, so I thought, since I’m a busy working wife who is always in need of new, quick and easy, yet healthy dinner recipes, I would try something different on my channel today and post one of my favorite go-to recipes for you! If this was helpful or even just fun and entertaining, and you would like to see more videos similar to this one, then please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment letting me know! 🙂

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