Quick Easy breakfast snacks!! Non veg tiffin time snacks!! Puff Pastry sausage Rolls recipe

Here is the recipe for quick and easy breakfast or tiffin snacks

For making Puff pastry sausage rolls we need

1. Any Sausage as per taste
2. Puff pastry dough
3. Salt as per taste
4. Oregano or any herbs
5. Dry Garlic
6. Egg wash

Take puff pastry dough and roll a thin layer

Start with deforested sausages, roll dough around the sausages as shown

freeze rolls for 5 mins before baking

Sprinkle Garlic, oregano and salt as per your taste

Apply a brush of egg wash and bake it on 250 degrees upto 20-30 mints

keep an eye while baking as baking time may differ as per your oven

Can also add cheese slice while rolling the sausage for taste

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