Quick & Easy Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

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  1. Everything is from a bag. You even used fucking Pam on your pan. You measure your salt out? Just sprinkle that shit in there. You use bottled eggs? What the fuck? Would it kill you to crack open an egg, pour actual oil on the pan, grate your own cheese in 10 seconds and cook up your own fajitas? Oh my god I was about to fucking die if you started the measure out how much artificial Pam you spraw on your pan holy shit dude you measured out your fucking cheese on a digital scale what the fuck?! Just sprinkle cheese until you like how it tastes holy fucking shit I can’t believe my eyes. Cooking isn’t a science. If you put 1 more crystal of salt it won’t ruin the meal. One more flake of that shitty cheese won’t ruin it holy shit dude stop measuring everything just put it how you like it god

  2. What did I say about you and you are going down on my glasses you don’t like it lol but hey I did not see emojis lol I don’t send them a text message me lol lol you were like you don’t know

  3. So this is going to either sound common or weird, but I’ve always wanted you and Sonia to make a video about how you guys met and lovey dovey stuff xD you guys are awesome!!

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