Quick chicken curry. A great chicken video recipe for dinner.

A easy to prepare chicken recipe for dinner. Jack uses vegetables, chicken and coconut water to make this dish. Serve this chicken dinner recipe over rice. For more chicken recipes see our chicken recipe playlist.
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  1. Again, another excellent video.  Not only am I watching these videos for fun, but I’m going and buying ingredients and cooking for friends and family…. did your clam chowder the other day… I can’t wait to give this a try!

  2. hmmm out of the recipies you’ve done this ain’t one of the greats you’ve done, don’t think I’m a hater or shit cos I’m not. my family’s diet consists of curry in one form or another be it fish meat poultry cheese egg or veg. you don’t cook curry like that. please stay away from curry 😉😅 love your channel

  3. I have never really tried an apple or a mango with chicken, so I don’t really know the taste but that looks like a wow and I am pretty sure it tastes delicious ! Thanks for the recipe Jack.. Keep the video coming.

  4. Just ran across your videos by chance an hour ago. Great stuff, no negative feedback here, I am definitely down with Daddy Jack’s presentations. Screw the naysayers. You are the man.

  5. Love Your videos, & like everyone else said, ignore the negative comments, I worked in the restaurant supply industry for a few years, & I rarely have eaten in a restaurant since, but I guarantee You I would eat at his place ANY time, very good Chef & His kitchen is always clean.

  6. Nice job as always,Fuck the people with negitive comments there just not happy in there life its easier to go to another channel than to post a negitive comment.what are these negitive people posting NOTHING just bitches.Jack I like learning from you.your old school and you can cook brother.for those of you, I up set or offended in in way you can contact me directly,Iam Cris this site has nothing to do with my opinion.

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