Pressure Cooker | Black Bean Recipe | How to Cook Black Beans | Vegan Protein Plant Based

How to Cook Black Beans with a Pressure Cooker for Vegan Protein! These healthy plant based black beans are great for making those vegan gains.

Check out this video to see how to use a pressure cooker to make perfect black beans. Beans are the best vegan protein source and using a pressure cooker makes cooking them simple.

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  1. im a little pit confused because on the packed of dried bean in denmark it says that you supposed to leave it i a soak for minimum 12hours and that your supposed to throw out the water because it containes some things from the beans the can make you sick and give some poisoned symptomes reaktions and then your supposed to cook them for 45 min and again for the same reason throw out the water but i have now looked at a lot of you in her who either keep the water for later use or do not soak them and im so confused about that can you help with advice

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