POT PIES | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

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RECIPE – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/mushroom-ale-pot-pies/

This is the 9th episode in season 5. Mushroom & Ale Pot Pies. A few people asked for a recipe for vegan pies..so heres my quick and simple recipe. Topped with crunchy filo pastry. The filing is so rich!!

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Top from @asos
Trousers by @urbanoutfitters
Canvas shoes from @converse

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  1. This looks delicious as do all of your recipes! Love your videos, your cookbook, you are so kind to share all of this with us. I have a question; how do you think a mixture of basalmic and coarse dijon to brush on the pastry would work? Thanks again!

  2. Kudos to you Gaz, and your team! Such professional quality videos, amazing recipes and warm, welcoming presentations. Amazing job mate! Can’t wait for your recipe book to arrive.

  3. Very hard to find Marmite here, did once but the taste seemed not quite the same as in some years ago. I used to have bread, butter ad Marmite sandwiches, YUMMY.

  4. Gaz, darling, I love you, but we Celiacs can’t eat Seitan. Any plans to cook meat replacements that are GF for delicious recipes? I was heartbroken that I couldn’t eat any of the seitan “meats.”

  5. This looks great Gaz! I received your book as gift and already tried 5 recipes, the book is really nice, and I am looking forward to try also this recipe soon! I am vegetarian, and I am happy to see finally somebody who makes nice tasty vegan recipes that are not boring or simply salads! P.S. can you make some recipes with the cauliflower? Thanks a lot!

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