Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing For Turkey – Gordon Ramsay

From Christmas with Gordon (2010). Gordon makes a pork and apple stuffing flavoured with spicy Merguez sausages. Putting a little more effort into making stuffing and the flavours will reward you.

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  1. Yeah, we have a very different outlook on the whole “less is more” thing for Christmas dinner, Mr. Ramsay. I just grab a few pounds of miscellaneous meats that will eventually become indistinguishable in flavour after I drown ’em in gravy.

    You’re all welcome to mine next Christmas.

  2. Wow, with all the dark flavours in the sage, the nuts, the chestnuts most people use, the nutmeg and cinnamon, and the merguez I really want to try doing this with a mix of ground duck breast and ground mutton.

  3. I made this for Christmas but I used dried cranberries instead of apricots and it tasted fucking delicious. You’d be surprised how much the merguez is calmed down by the other ingredients; alone it blows your socks off in the stuffing it is beautifully balanced. I also made a more traditional stuffing to keep the crowds pleased, both were amazing, especially in the cold buffet on boxing day! Cheers Gord this is an absolute blinder I’d recommend it to everyone!

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