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Porchetta is one of the most delicious things you can make and put into your mouth. In Italy, porchetta is done with a whole, deboned pig, but I don’t got time for that so I’m showing you how to do it Italian-American style with a butterflied pork loin. It’s stuffed with garlic and herbs and it’s really delicious.

Along with the pork, I’m serving agrodolce (sweet and sour) cipollini onions and truffled, roasted potatoes. You are seriously gonna love this dish.

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  1. Hi Gianni,
    You know this is a Great Recipe NOT EVERYBODY has the room or ability to handle the whole pig, I am sure You as well as I know how they do it in Italy, a lot of people do it this way. Your cooking brings Old Italy & the ambiance back into my life and that is what its all about. Thank you for all your hard work Paisano!Benedizioni a voi il mio amico. Marcello~

  2. Hi Gianni,

    This is marcello, formally of Reno Nevada now living in the Philippines. I have always wanted to ask where did you get your Italian entro music, I really Love it ! I love that kinda music.

  3. Absolutely brilliant here Gianni. Well done sir. You take your time, know what you’re doing, and you use quality, quality ingredients. Just spectacular. Job well done and thank you very much for sharing such a great recipe. I will be making this very soon.

  4. When you say ‘what’s left of the Italian American neighbourhood of San Fransciso’, what do you mean by that, please? I’m in Italy, so I don’t really know very much of the community there. I don’t know if it was the tone for the video, but I sensed sadness / disappointment when you uttered that sentence.

  5. Thank you for this recipe! My grandparents come from Calabria area but sadly they did not pass down many recipes, so Mamma and I are trying to rediscover some. I’m going to fix my own version of this roast recipe tonight!

  6. Hi Gianni: I love watching your videos and your presentations. I recently found you on you tube when I was looking for a recipe for osso bucco. Will be trying it shortly. Keep them coming.

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