Plum Cake Recipe / Fruit Cake Recipe /Christmas Cake Recipe / How to make plum cake without rum

In this video we will see how to make Plum cake at home. Plum cake / Fruit cake is a delicious cake enjoyed during the holiday season. Unlike other cakes which are very airy and spongy, this cake is very dense but filled with all sorts of goodness. This cake was traditionally being cut on Christmas eve and New Years eve giving it the nickname as Christmas Cake. Traditional plum cake recipe involves soaking the dry fruits and nuts in rum for weeks and this ensures the proper infusion of flavors but we can also use grape juice. And if you want to make the fruit cake the same day then heat up the juice and add the nuts/ fruits and heat it for 5 minutes and this speeds up the process and the mixture can be allowed to cool before using it in the recipe.

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  1. Hi.. I tried ur came out well.. thank you for the simple method you shared.. my dry fruits in the cake were settled at the bottom .. why is that??
    compliments of the season
    From Bangalore

  2. As u said for this recipe v need 2 cups of sugar, but u r using 2.5 cups of sugar. (For caramelizing .5 cup, powdered sugar .5 cup and while making the batter 1.5 cup)… Can u please confirm how much sugar to be used. Or r v not counting the caramelized sugar?

  3. Wow…very well explained and good video, very clear. Thanks a lot for sharing your recipe, I sure gonna try this one. Have a nice day over there. Greetz from The Netherlands / Europe 😊.

  4. mam .. my microwave has temperature like med, high very high and low. There is no temperature setting, can u pls tell me at what temp i shud bake med high or high and for how many minutes coz oly 30 minutes is last.

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