Pinterest Campfire Recipes TESTED!

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Today we’re testing out Pinterest campfire recipes!

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  1. dutch oven cobbler take canned fruit (cherries apples peaches what ever you want) and put it into a dutch oven, lined with aluminum foil. get a good layer and add some sugar if you want or whatever spices. Then take a box of white cake mix and mix the dry mix with a bottle of cream soda. add it till it is i a happy medium between battery and doughy pour this over the fruit and put the dutch oven in the fire. place 1 third of your charcoals under the oven and two thirds up above it and let sit until the cake mix is browned on top. serve immediately but remind people to let it cool first. If you have extra leave your dutch oven off to the side till morning and heat up the top in a skillet with butter making sure to avoid adding fruit which can burn easily. serve with some bacon and eggs.

  2. There is one we have been doing as long as I can remember, but can’t find it anywhere. It’s super easy, we call them Mountain Pies. You take 2 oatmeal cookies and put pie filling between them, wrap in tinfoil, put over the fire for 5-8 minutes or so turning often, and eat! Messy, but the kids love them. Apple and cherry are the top flavors we found. And warn the camera man that they are hot!

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