Pinoy inspired pastas? Top 5 Filipino Pasta Dishes you should cook tonight | Chris Urbano

Chris Urbano listed down his Top 5 Filipino Pasta Dishes that are uniquely filipino. Filipino Pasta Dishes are an adaptation of the Italian style pasta and mixing filipino ingredients in it. Don’t forget to subscribe for more Filipino food info!

Ikaw, #kabano, what’s your favorite Filipino pasta dish? Comment below!

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  1. You also keep using the term “Jolly Spaghetti” to describe our local common spaghetti. I don’t think most people refer to it as that. The more proper name for it would be “Pinoy-style spaghetti.” Of course, you can understand that such a style of local spaghetti with a long history… we don’t want it to be associated with any popular fast food brand.

  2. Hello Chris… it’s me again. Those pasta combinations… I’ve never heard most of them before. Perhaps Tinapa would be better for a puttanesca. Also, tinapa isn’t actually a dried fish but a smoked one. Dried fishes include things like tuyo, danggit etc.

  3. I heard of laing pasta almost 10years ago when it was featured as a new pasta creation together with tinapa pasta, tuyo pasta and bicol express pasta. I believe those have been around somewhere in bicol region for more than 10years now. I also heard of mango-sauce pasta in guimaras island.

    I havent had the calumpit longganisa, but i tried using vigan and lucban longganisa and they are good. But i think any longganisa will be good in pasta yum yum yum

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