Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich THRIVE LIFE Recipes

Christa, and much less Brad make Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches from Thrive Life foods. Delicious, fast and easy!

Thrive Life Foods

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  1. I ordered the Thrive freeze dried veggies and fruits I was interested in testing, and they arrived a few days ago. I will start sampling shortly; they’re up at the homestead while I’m at my original house I am moving out of as soon as I can. I need to pick up a vacuum sealer to keep what I don’t eat soon, fresh. Once I can test, I hope to order more cans. It’s both the convenience factor (no slicing/no dicing) and the ability to put stuff by for emergencies, which in my parts is most likely to be weather-related. I like the fact the veggies and fruits last “forever”, and that they have no weird ingredients that I don’t want to eat. I may add beans next time, but we shall see. (I will note that I was put off by the “chicken” bouillon which has NO chicken in it whatsoever, and won’t be purchasing that. TVP is not on my list of edibles…)

  2. ” AWESOME”  love love love   hey.. can I buy the electric hot plate cooking thingy you use on your Amazon.. link please and the cutting board?   thanks  love youuuu

  3. Hello, can you tell me if the BFriday sale starts at midnight? I have been holding out until then to place a considerable order. I want to place it asap to prevent something selling out.

  4. We tried our first ready made meal from Thrive Life and “Oh Mylanta!!!!” was it good. It was the Chili Lime Chicken Rice and I will say we were a bit skeptical that it could become a great meal in 7 minutes. It did just that and more. My husband loved it and so did I. Thank you for introducing us to Thrive Life. We are getting ready to make another order… Can’t wait!!!!!

  5. Great video, love seeing how it all comes together. Will be talking to you about becoming a consultant after I move – 11/6 – getting closer every day. I have lots of questions and will be asking them when I become that consultant.

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