Perfectly Crispy Hashbrowns Recipe for a Vegan Breakfast

Veggie Meal-Maker presents: Perfect hashbrowns!

Perfect, thin & crispy hashbrown recipe


2 large russet potatoes wash, rinss & peel
1 tsp oil
salt to taste


Heat a large skillet with a dab of oil low to medium heat. (A nonstick skillet without oil will work as well. The oil helps the potatoes brown faster)

Wash, rinse & peel potatoes.

Using a cheese grater, grate one potato.

Place grated potatoes onto 1/2 a dish towel or cheese cloth fold, roll then squeeze out the moisture.

Place potatoes into hot skillet and form into a thin layer. Using the back of a spatula firmly press the potatoes into the hot pan.

Cook until the edges begin to brown and crispy then flip. (Be patient and don’t flip too early or your layer will fall apart)

Same process for the other potato.

Salt to taste & serve with ketchup.

Potatoes will oxidize quickly so you need to work fast once you begin to peel & shred the potato.

You don’t want the pan to get too hot…you want the potatoes to not only brown but cook to tender.

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