Perfect Spinach & Eggs Breakfast Recipes Perfect Healthy Recipes, with Spinach and eggs, onion garlic, salt to taste, truly delicious. Beat the eggs instead of keeping them sunny side up and make the recipe into a Fritatta or an omelet. Try it for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! A great addition to your healthy diet. Either leave the eggs whole or scramble them into the spinach. Use fresh spinach or even frozen spinach can work for this recipe. Just make sure blanch and squeeze out any liquid from the frozen spinach or blanched spinach before use. This recipe is also great to make for kids. Always good to get the greens in somehow, and this combination is delicious. For step by step written ingredients and directions visit


  1. Try a lot less ghee for the olive oil and spinach goes really well…you notice my salivating…with mushrooms and cheese on top or sour creme within. Red pepper or nutmeg for the spinach?

  2. Very nice, I will try. Love the spice! And perfect for kids. Don’t be scared of a little spice people . Worry about what you allow them to fill their minds with watching garbage on tv.

  3. I dont understand @منى whats wrong with black pepper… and dont add hot spice for yours children… but children eating hot paste in libya normaly and in breakfast with egg.. they call it “haressa”

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