Perfect Mashed Potatoes- Martha Stewart

An American classic, mashed potatoes can be made in different ways: simple, creamy, with garlic and herbs, or combined with other vegetables like sweet potato and cauliflower. Here’s a recipe for the classic version of this family favorite.

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  1. My mother always added an egg while mashing the potatoes. It gave them a rich light golden yellow color, made them richer, and did not affect the taste in any way except “good”.

  2. Might want to add to the text of “Bring to a simmer and drain..” Bring to a simmer until cooked then drain. Going to be a tough mash otherwise.

  3. I have the easiest mash potatoes.
    Peel them and add them to boiling hot water . Let the water boil off add garlic / salt / butter / milk /fresh herbs to your liking. Just make sure all the potatoes are completely broken

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