Perfect Christmas Recipe

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you are having the PERFECT Christmas EVER!

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Panda Power with you! And just remember, you are an awesome potatoe!

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  1. Ms. Panda, I’m guessing you are a student and busy with that and with your YouTube Channel but I can offer you a new *humble* revenue stream, I am an intermediate Russian speaker. I really need to speak Russian more often if I want to become more fluent. Would you interested in “tutoring” me, google Hangout w/ me for maybe an hour at a time. I would like someone younger like yourself so that I might catch up on slang terms and things like that. Yeah, respond to this if you’d be interested, but i’m guessing your probably too busy anyhow. Merry Christmas!!

  2. I recently subscribed to your channel and I like it. I’m studying Russian language so that’s I stumbled upon your channel. Are you from Russia proper, if so where?

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