Pasta in white sauce (White sauce pasta) Recipe – Delicious and very easy to make!

I am not a big fan of pasta, but I love to have this creamy pasta in white sauce occasionally. This is very delicious, filling and very easy to make. Website : (Visit to know more) [Watch PASTA IN HOMEMADE RED SAUCE :] [Watch PASTA ROLL here :] [WATCH ENGLISH VERSION HERE :]

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Ingredients :

• Boiled pasta
• Red bell pepper
• Yellow bell pepper
• Capsicum
• Black pepper
• Garlic paste

For sauce :

• 1 cup butter
• 1 cup maida
• 10 cup milk
• Salt according to taste
• White pepper (optional)
• 3-4 cloves
• Half onion
Procedure :

For sauce :

Take a pan, melt butter in it. Roast maida in melted butter. In another pan, boil milk and fit cloves into onion and put it in milk. Let the milk boil. Meanwhile, roast maida. Don’t make it too brown, keep it white.
After roasting it, add milk in it after removing impurites. Make sure to add milk slowly so that no lumps are formed. Once it starts thickening, add salt and white pepper (if available).
In another pan, add some oil, take garlic, add all spices mentioned above. Add boiled pasta and mix it well. Now add little black pepper and salt.
Now pour the sauce according to taste in the pasta prepared.

Serving :

You can add tomato sauce over it too.


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