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Pasta fazool, or pasta e fagioli, is a healthy and inexpensive peasant dish. You can have this one-pot meal that packs lots of flavor and goodness on your table in less than an hour.

Pasta e fagioli is made all over Italy and varies from region to region. One big difference is that mine has no meat. Up north they usually add pancetta to the aromatics as the base of the soup. Some people like to add tomato puree. Some people don’t add tomato, they like a white pasta fazool.

Mine has a light pink hue. I use a little tomato puree. Make it any way you like it, just don’t make it the way they do at Olive Garden.

The creamy beans and pasta are bathed in a savory light broth enhanced by the sharpness of the pecorino and the mellow olive oil. Pasta fazool will warm you and fill you up. Make extra so you can eat it again the next day.

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  1. hi Gianni. I just made this dish just like you did and it was fantastic !I never made it before ,but now it’s going to be one of my frequent dishes .
    not only is it good, it’s also healthy !

  2. i love your cooking ,is simpl few ingredients, i love cooking like cooking this way ,thak you ,keep bringing us more home cooking ,love you orady !☺🥂 i ate pasta fagoli ones in Roma and every since, i love it.

  3. One more thing: about the celery leaf: Since I’m frugal (Scot you know 🙂 I save an inch – 2 inches of the base of the celery bunch that people normally throw out, stick it in a shallow bowl with about an inch of water and it will soon root and send up leaves on thin stalks. I have several in the window going at the same time if I run out of celery or just want the leaves for soups etc. Same for green onions – save an inch of the base and it will quickly re-sprout. Doesn’t cost anything but the water and a bit of space, so why not.

  4. You should write a hard copy cook book (with photos) if you haven’t already Gianni. Most of the ones I found have Northern Italian foods made with butter and milk, bechamel etc, which I don’t like. I prefer the Southern regional cooking. Also these are the homey, rustic recipes the first post war Italian families made where I used to live near Buffalo. I’ve moved and now have to make my own since the restaurants here are awful, the kids of these old families cut costs and use inferior ingredients. Your cooking is superb. Some chefs go for form over substance – the dishes look nice but the rich homey flavors are gone. I’ve made one of your recipes during each of the last three nights and they are excellent. Thank you so much. If you need help with publishing I can help with that.

  5. gianni hey buddy it’s been a while but i wanted to say now it makes sicilian born grandma used to cook butter beans and serve over elbow macaroni. not the same i know but same track lol take care man

  6. OK, it’s back on. Gonna do this dish some justice, I hope.

    Next build will be this baby, right here. Off to the Italian shop to fetch the ingredients and assemble this amazing creation.

    Best Lasagna on the ‘Tubes’

    Thanks some more, Gianni!

  7. I’m enrolled in a Culinary Arts program at a technical high school, and our senior project is a region study where we create and perform a menu on that region. I’m doing Italy as a whole and my soup is Pasta e Fagioli, anyway I can get your exact recipe in writing? I like how you made it.

  8. i absolutely love pasta fagioli, my mum makes the best and yours is nice the way my family all live in england now but originally from a little town near avellino called prata.i have not been to an italian restaurant yet which can cook like my mum.great videos and keep them coming gianni.

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