PART-6 VEGAN THANKSGIVING squirrel ?? | Come cook with me | Connie’s RAWsome kitchen

Here’s part 6to my thanksgiving dinner … Come cook with me!!! and listen to some stories of my life!!!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to put this up for my Canadian friends…But it’s not too late for the US friends 🙂 Here you go guys there sill be may parts to this video. enjoy part 6

Welcome to my vegan Italian kitchen!!! A place where it’s good for you the animals and the planet!

What I do when I’m not cooking …. I create and sculpt art dolls and sculptures


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  1. omg !I’m so excited about thanks giving this year now ! I watched all 6 videos back to back to. What a beautiful meal. now I know what I’m bringing to dinner. I love hearing your stories connie, and you make us feel like we’re part of your family. Thank you again.

  2. The best thing about a slow work day (besides not having to do work) is getting to watch all 6 parts of your thanksgiving videos. Loved watching them and hearing your stories and getting to see mama squirrel. I’m so happy I discovered you because I had become so lazy and uninspired in the kitchen. But you have gotten me excited for cooking again. Last night after work even though it was 8 o’clock when I started, I cooked a good dinner instead of my usual lame-o dinner of spaghetti with jarred sauce. Thanks Connie!

  3. My stuffed hubbard squash turkey turned out luscious ! It popped the peek hole cover and split on the side and stuffing came out. I enjoyed making it and now that I know Whole Foods carry’s the hubbard squash next years is waiting to be made……………………… Thank you Connie

  4. I had never heard of a Hubbard squash until this video. I was hoping you would cut into it, so we could see how beautiful the stuffing was inside it. Does the squash taste like a butternut squash? I usually fix sweet potatoes and butternut squash the usual, expected way…with cinnamon, vegan butter, and brown sugar. One thing I’m going to do is make up the ingredients for the gravy, and store them away. I’m ALWAYS making something that needs gravy, and the only thing I think to do is dissolve a vegan bouillon cube in water, then thicken it with arrow root. Now, however, I have this recipe. And, I’m going to use dried ingredients in this recipe where I can, like for garlic and the onions. That way, it won’t take me long to fix this when I want a gravy for food I am taking to work for lunch. Love your recipes. I have written more of your recipes, in less than a week, I think, than any other vegan videos I’ve watched. Keep the videos coming, Connie.

  5. The dinner looks delicious! I would have liked to see the squash and dressing plated, just to see the presentation at serving. Thank you for sharing!

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