Pandesal (Bread Rolls) – vegan

This is a video on how to make Pandesal or Bread Rolls. This recipe has no cholesterol and has less ingredients than most Pandesal recipes. It shows a detailed step by step instructions on how to create a moist, soft and sweet pandesal. Send me questions or comments below. Thanks!!!

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  1. In america, there are lots of options for whole grain breads like sourdough fermented baked bread, steamed fermented bread, unfermented flat bread, unfermented sprouted bread, etc. Should be easy to make whole grain bread rolls.

  2. I misread. I thought this was a recipe from Ilocos then realised it was with an ‘e’ lol. Anyway, if you’re vegan and not sure with crumbs, you can use cornmeal or polenta as coating.

  3. Everyone in my home loved the pandesal during Thanksgiving. The kids were packing them in their pockets! I am so glad I found it because it has no need for egg or milk and suits us perfect since we have food allergies. Once again, Thank you for sharing. I am about to make my second batch…can’t wait!

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