Panatone Italian Christmas Bread

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  1. Did you have any luck convincing Volfie that they were Chocolate Chips? Seriously good improvisation skills. I saw a tip on America’s Test Kitchen that when they spray ANY case they do it inside the door of the dishwasher, saves the floor from beoming the skating ring of doom & it’s all going to be boiled off.

  2. We make the same thing at all holidays but call it Polish Easter Bread.  Love it toasted with butter Yum!  Thanks for all your great videos!  We live in Northern NY near Canadian border/  Cornwall, Ontario.  Not to far from your neck of the woods.

  3. That would make awesome french toast! Watching your video, I found myself shouting “Bev, that’s hot!” when you were removing it from the can. I clearly need a YouTube intervention. Great recipe — thanks, Bev!

  4. This looks soooo gooood!!! I am anxiously awaiting your video where you make Christmas cookies and candy while you tell us stories and share your memories about your mom and dad and family. I look forward to that video every year!!!

  5. Ymmmm….Panatone Mrs. Volfie style,….even better than the original! lol….thumbs up Mrs. V, thanks for sharin’ and ya all give us a “raincheck” for a future taste test? 🙂

  6. It looks ok actually. But to be fair – – in the beginning of the video you said you were going to make a “TRADITIONAL” Italian Panatone (sic). But then later said not to tell you it wasn’t a traditional Panettone. LOL! Caught ya Mrs. V! haha But it came out ok hon!
    Here’s 1 tip, if I may – instead of that tin, just use a regular cake pan, and then make a “chimney” out of two pieces of baking paper to a height of about 8″ above your cake pan. It will hold the dough with no problem, and makes the sides very even, and browns them nicely as well. But well done! xo

  7. Why is it that every recipe you show you make the recipe look so irresistible? I have to add this one to my baking list for the holidays. I now call my baking list….Bev’s recipes! I have been watching you for so long….so my “Bev’s recipes” list is very long…. Anytime I have a dish I want to make I search your channel first to see if you have it before ever going some place else. You are amazing at teaching and building confidence that one should just jump in and try….. I thank you so much for sharing.

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