Our Quick and Easy Dinner (Periscope)

Instead of eating out, here’s our super QUICK and EASY dinner from Friday night! Follow me on Periscope, @FunCheapOrFree, and check out www.FunCheapOrFree.com for lots of other recipes, finance, and frugal living ideas.


  1. I know its a bummer, I dont have a periscope acct, so I only get to watch these on youtube, and for some reason shes upside down half the time 🙁 makes me a little nauseas trying to follow you around upside down

  2. I just threw away some noodles because we cooked so much more than we needed…I’d never heard of freezing them…so if that happens again I will do that…good idea!

  3. Catching up on your past periscopes and love this one! For years people have said don’t freeze pasta, but I totally do and love that you recommend it! Frozen rice is a quick favorite around here too. And Costco should pay you for all the free advertising, just sayin’.

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