Nutribullet Breakfast Smoothie Recipe #withcaptions GREEN SMOOTHIE

Interested in a Nutribullet? (affiliate link)
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Music was composed and performed by Jason Card. Used with permission.


  1. Why do all these demonstrators pour the smoothie into a glass or cup? The whole convenience of this design is so you can drink it from the same vessel that it used for the extraction. Only one vessel to clean.

  2. well I got one last month and it is leaking at bottom. it seeps out around the black rubber thingy and is VERY hard to clean out, especially if the liquid is thick!!!!. I got to this video because i was HOPING it was gonna say do not have ingredients above the max line and/or push them down which is what you often HAVE to do because the jugs are fairly small and the max lines make them smaller. But I notice you did do just that yet it didn’t seem to leak for you. Did that keep like that?? Also the recipes you get with it , the amounts DO go above the max line even when you use smallest fruit . So WTF?? I am confused now.

  3. Hi, can you show us how to make a Acai bowl with the nutrabullet? Also, today Good Morning America, and their Deals and Steals segment has the NB for only $65!!! Limit one per household.

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