Norwegian Food Tour – 5 Dishes to Try in Oslo, Norway! (Americans Try Norwegian Food)

Norwegian Food Tour – 5 Dishes to Try in Oslo, Norway! – Today we’re embarking on a delicious adventure through the city of Oslo. As Americans, we were really excited to try these unique Norwegian dishes!

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Here are all the dishes, places and prices from the video:

Breakfast @ Godt Brød –
Kr 140 Brunost (brown cheese) & salmon sandwich

Coffee @ Tim Windelboe –
Kr 45 per latte

Lunch @ Smalhans – 
Kr 175 Flesk og duppe (bacon and sauce)

Dinner @ Lorrys – 
Kr 224 Fårikål (mutton and cabbage stew)
Kr 218 Reinsdyrkaker (reindeer burgers) 

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  1. As somebody who have eaten Norwegian food for 45 years – let me tell you – it is NOTHING to write home about! Eat food elsewhere if you can. Expensive, tasteless and/or downright vile.

  2. It’s quite rare to see foreigners like the Brunost. A lot of foreigners seem to find the darkest type too strong. We have a medium brown one which tend go down better with the tourists. This comes from a native Norwegian who’s not a huge fan of Norwegian food. And btw, Tim Wendelboe ove Starbucks anyday (even if TW is kind of a hipster place).

  3. Stumbled on this channel at 1am? I’m now hungry and want food. You are both very informative, respectful of the different cultures you encounter and look like your having fun.

  4. Interesting video. Would have been nice to know how to pronounce the names, that would show more respect. But I see a lot of these videos by millennials and NONE of them know how to pronounce anything. They just love making videos of themselves. OK, so that’s where the world is heading. Pity. Going to Oslo soon and decided to check this out. Good info, poorly delivered.

  5. Wow! Now i have to take a trip to norway, just jo taste the last dish you got served!
    Make a dish-video for Denmark! I would like to see your reactions to my countrys food. 🙂

  6. The flesk og duppe is NOT the version you’ll get in a Norwegian home. 1. Depending on where in Norway you get it, it will have the whitish sauce (I think it’s basically white sauce and bacon fat, or you will get it with bacon fat only. 2. You will, most likely get mashed rutabaga. 3. The potatoes will be peeled. What you got is more of a fashion thing. If you want real Norwegian cooking, like, REAL, go to Bondeheimen, it’s cheaper (or rather, not as expensive) and the portions are plentiful. And, if you want to save money, never go to fancy places! 🙂

    I really understand why tourists think Oslo is expensive – well it is, but not that expensive – if they go to restaurants like those you went to. They didn’t serve the dishes as they’re supposed to be, and they are way expensive, so much so that not many Norwegians can afford it (you might go there to celebrate, or bring visitors). Everything you wanted you could get at Bondeheimen (literally the farmers home). And no, I don’t work there, I don’t even live there, I moved from Oslo some 20 years ago, and never looked back. Now I live on the eastern side if Randsfjorden, on a small farm, about 1h45m north of Oslo.

  7. You have to drink milk with the brunost. Also, there are different types of this cheese. Most Norwegians call it geitost (goat cheese) which has a much stronger taste. You also get it made of different types of milk and combos of milk.

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