Hello loves, I tried out some Italian food a few weeks ago at Le Veranda Restaurant, Blowfish Hotel, Lagos and I thought it would be a great idea to take you along with me as I sampled the dishes. Do you like Italian food? I had a few favourites! So here it is, Nigerians eating Italian Food! If you are not subscribed join the family by clicking and let’s be friends on Instagram . If you miss me during the week, you will find me on my blog
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Location: Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa)
I’m a Nigerian Food and Lifestyle Blogger documenting bits of every other day in my life with my son, Tito and husband Bobo.

Eating show with italian food mukbang


  1. Hello! I LOOOVE your videos! Could you kindly do more Lagos restaurant tours? I noticed that there are a few food blogs for Lagos restaurant reviews but little to no youtube videos showing us what the restaurants look like, the ambiance, the dining experience etc.

  2. I kept staring at the amount of ham on that Chef Supreme sweet lawd😱😍😍 I am salivating already. I don’t eat any form of Pasta ‘rice excluded tho’. #adisawashere

  3. I think I just tortured myself by watching this video!!! First of all,I love food and i dont discriminate. That cheese cake God! The shrimp scampi,the pizza,everything just looks so good. Let me save my money and take myself out. Nice!

  4. Looks like an awesome night out. I’d only heard about “Nothingtodoinlagos” and maybe “Lostinlagos” before this. I’ll sure be checking everyone out.

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