My TOP 5 Favourite VEGAN Cookbooks!

If you are looking for a new vegan cookbook, I highly recommend trying out one of these! Come see what my 5 favourite vegan cookbooks are!

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None of these cookbooks were sent to me for review. They were all purchased by myself or given as birthday gifts by friends/family


  1. This book has helped me soo much with keeping a sustainable, healthy life because of the way I eat now and my daily meals and serves.. I suggest anyone who love real healthy but easy delicious vegan food, this is DEFIANTLY the right book for you. I can’t stress you enough how good the food is and for you! the family loves it 🙂 check it out here:

  2. Great video!! I loved the flip though of the cook books because I really love cookbooks but I like a ton of pictures! I would love for you to do another one ! 💜

  3. I purchased online the “Oh she glows” some time ago now (I live in France) because of your lovely videos and recipes on your channel. I prefer a cookbook full of pictures that make me want to try them. And it’s so good that even my non-vegan family love it too! I have to try the other books now.. thank you for all your reviews!
    I miss your vlogs-)

  4. The thug kitchen has a great website with recipies. I really like having the cookbook though for convience. they also have a party cookbook with appetizers and party food.

  5. ‘Oh She Glows’ is my all time favourite too! I bought ‘Isa Does It’ and a slow cooker book based on your recommendation, I haven’t tried anything from Isas book yet but the ‘Dirty John Quinao’ I made from the slow cooker book was amazing! I would hazard a guess you haven’t made the African Peanut Stew from Oh She Glows based on the spices but I make this each week, as per recipe for us adults and without the spices and jalapenos for the children, try it without the spice, you will be happy you did 😀

  6. Your top two choices happen to be the same as mine! I would definitely recommend checking out Chef Chloe’s cookbooks as well! She makes some awesome dishes. Luckily I live in an area where the library carries every new vegan cookbook so I can check them out before I buy them! 🙂

  7. I don’t know how you narrowed it down!  There are so many good ones!  Happy Herbivore, But I Could Never Go Vegan, Vegan Everyday, Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking, Let Them Eat Vegan…I could go on and on and on!  I too have a cookbook addiction 🙂  Thanks for the video!  The last two I’ll have to look into purchasing (I agree, the first three are amazing!)

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