My Top 5 Favorite HCLF Vegan Breakfasts

A whole plant foods diet doesn’t have to be boring! You can make so many creative recipes. What other lifestyle can you have cookie dough, ice cream, and milk shakes for breakfast 😉

Breakfast Cookie Dough
Breakfast Brownie Batter

Waffle Recipes
Choco Tacos
Protein Waffles
Pumpkin Spice

HCLF Java Chip Frappuccino
HCLF Caramel Frappuccino

Health Coaching



  1. i LOVE your videos- they’re so realistic and show that you really can eat enough and fill full oh healthy vegan foods, something I’ve struggled with.. thanks for the inspiration! xx

  2. i’m not a big fan of plain dateorade either. all of your breakfasts sound amazing. i could eat nice cream & oatmeal for breakfast every single day and not get bored. unfortunately, it’s difficult to get nice cream at work and i’m not hungry when i first wake up in the morning before leaving my house. your cookie dough is one of my favorites too! i also like eating it as a pre-workout on days when i know i’ll be taking more than 1 class. thanks for all the great ideas!

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