My Three Favorite Smoothie Recipes!

Looking for some quick, delicious vegan smoothie recipes? Well look no further! Drinking one of these three smoothies in the morning is my favorite ways to start the day♥

Coconut water:
Greens powders:


Green Smoothie Recipe
-A few handfuls of spinach
-Coconut water (Be Coconut Aloe Vera)
-4-5 ripe bananas
-1 frozen banana
-Pranin Organics A-Z, B, C and iron powders

Blueberry Smoothie Recipe
-5 ripe bananas
-1/2-1 cup frozen blueberries
-1 tbsp flaxseed
-Vanilla almond milk (or vanilla powder/extract and other liquid)

Pink Smoothie Recipe
-A small chunk of beet
-Coconut water (Be Coconut Pomegranate)
-3-4 ripe bananas
-2-3 dates

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  1. My favorite juice is orange and carrot with ginger. Now after seeing all these smoothies I’m going to have to figure out a way to turn that combination into a creamy bright smoothie like these since it doesn’t usually have banana in it. Although Im sure the addition of banana would be delicious too. 😉

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