My Thanksgiving Dinner Countdown

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  1. My family is use to having both the Ham and the Turkey on thanksgiving. Unfortunately I have relocated and my kitchen is so small that there is no longer room to put anything. I’m thinking of making just the turkey but I know they will be a little disappointed. I have to be creative just to find where to set things. A larger kitchen is such a blessing. I miss mine. Anyway I am a new subscriber and I love all your creative ideas. You have SOOOO many. Thank you for sharing. Irene

  2. my lady its all well and good if you are someone who have all this new modern equipment, my oven or hob does not have any of this fancy stuff… it would be helpful if you were to accommodate everyone. i love your menu though

  3. +The Domestic Geek I seriously made all of your thanks giving recipes times like 4-6 and 2 turkeys (we had a lot of people over) it was all amazing!!!!!!! probally the best recipes ive ever used… ever. Thank you so much for the recipes!

  4. Thanksgiving meal consist of: Oven baked or Fried Turkey, Golden sweet ham, mash potatoes & gravy, Dressing (stuffing)w/cranberry sauce, collard greens, green beans, Sweet potatoes, corn on cobb, Marconi & cheese, cornbread, potato salad & bread rolls.

    Thanksgiving desserts consist of:Sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, peach cobbler, banana pudding & German chocolate cake.

  5. I have never been a fan of Brussels sprouts until I tried your roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. OH MY! The balsamic vinegar put it over the top for me! I see more of this in my future. Thank you for sharing your passion for cooking with us! Thanksgiving Blessings to you (though I know it’s already happened in your neck of the woods 🙂 ).

  6. I would LOVE some convection cooking tips, and recipes. I have had 3 years of failure roasting poultry in convection mode, until I discovered I was supposed to put the bird on my broiler pan, and increase the temp by 25 degrees. My oven decreases the temp by 25 degrees for all convection cooking. There is a difference between convection bake, and convection roast that I didn’t know of. I found out when getting a convection recipe book from the 1970’s. Back then some ovens had different settings for convection roast/convection bake. Convection roast didn’t lower the temp, while convection bake did.

  7. just found your channel about 45 minutes ago 😂😂ive seen about 5 of your videos so far . just wanted to say they’re amazing !!!! I love all your thanksgiving recipes they sound so good simple and delicious happy holidays !!!!! you just earned a new subscriber 😘

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