My Raw Vegan Christmas Meal Plan | 40BelowFruity

Find out what I’ll be making for my Christmas Dinner on a raw food diet!

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  1. Yes you have inspired me! We will be doing lots of vegan during Christmas (I will be all vegan) but I hadn’t thought that I could try to include a lot of raw too .. thanks for the inspo!

  2. Your veggie balls sound like s great topper for zucchini pasta. For my two large family gatherings I’m bringing a raw chocolate cheesecake, raw carrot cake, a large cabbage salad with tahini dressing, and a raw spicy zoodle salad.

  3. Hi . Here is a cranberry relish that we love that is only sweetened by the raw fruit. Grind cranberries with frozen pineapple and navel oranges or manderine oranges. It’s soooo delicious I eat it for days and days!!

  4. Yes you have inspired me!! Ive been craving noodles lately and have made zucchini noodles for the past three days! If I don’t over do it I think I will have to make it for xmAs and boxing day dinners to share. Love the ideas of both sauces too just so great to have raw vegan choices. I made my first ever vegan caesar salad for thanksgiving and it was a hit!

  5. Hell yeah I do! I’m going to be making a huge batch of raw nori rolls, I’m also going to be making some marinated mushroom burgers with cashew dill cheese, and for afters there are some date slices that I want to try out that look freaking delicious!
    I’m in the same situation as you, where I cook for my boyfriend but eat raw myself, and I actually love still being able to show him love by cooking for him, and show myself love by not eating it!! That cheesecake sounds amazing!!
    Have you checked out pintrest for raw recipies yet? It’s the bomb!

  6. I’m going to a fancy dinner next weekend and I am bringing 6 courses of raw food. One green soup with peas and dill, zucchini sushi rolls with a tahini dip, a layerd coconut cream/mango pudding, red cabbage boats filled with chopped sallad and a red pepper/almond dressing, vanilla chia pudding with pieces of mango, date/coconut rolls. I aim to impress the omnies to create a positive discussion about food.

  7. Still undecided… Maybe just soup and salad… And of course a dessert…. Have to find something that all three of my kids will like… I have a feeling this will be difficult, or maybe not.😉

  8. I’m going to have the same everyday menu, with sweet fruits (either oranges or apples, maybe some grapes), green juice and maybe carrot juice too, and my zoodle dinner 🙂 I love that you make zoodles for the gathering, they should be satisfying and appealing for the people invited 🙂

  9. I’ve decided to make your banana and persimmon pudding, make the carrot raisin dehydrated cookies from Tannyraw’s chanel and some kind of raw cake and to share them with my relatives 🙂 As for non-sweet things I don’t know yet.

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