MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Puppy Chow! (great christmas snack recipe) = great christmas gift!


This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!


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  1. Literally easiest way to do it is to melt the chocolate using a double boiler add the peanut butter put in some Chex cereal and put powdered sugar on top. Similar to the way Hannah did but melting the chocolate a different way

  2. saucepan? how bout we use a skillet instead! chunky peanut butter instead of creamy? why not! I just found your channel today and already I cannot stop binge watching them! I laugh so hard I cry. Much love HH!

  3. Lol. this video made me laugh. I’m a professional chef. You should melt the chocolate into heavy cream or Lactaid. The heat should be low and always keep the chocolate moving. Happy cooking.

  4. double boiler/any metal thing on top of a sauce pot with boiling water…yeah…I’ve messed that up too. My dad just watched me fail, and then told me we had one. Dad had a weird sense of humor.

  5. 1. Melt chocolate by heating water in a saucepan. You’ll need a bowl (preferably stainless steel) that can sit in that pan, but above the water line. Search double boilers for more info.
    2. Don’t let your chocolate get past 110 [milk chocolate, white chocolate], or 115 [dark chocolate]. It really doesn’t take much at all to melt chocolate. The easiest method [and laziest, so … what I do] is to get an IR thermometer.
    3. Puppy chow really is just a mixture. You’re heating things so that they’ll mix completely. You don’t want to cook them. Just combine.
    4. Prepping ingredients before starting any of the actual cooking both makes the prep super easy [by saving you from having to run around, trying to chop quickly while something needs to be stirred, etc], and also ensures that you start the cooking process knowing that you have what you need to finish.
    5. This type of thing [melting and mixing chocolate] can also be done in the microwave. Just be careful to do it in small increments, stirring in between. It’s really easy to burn chocolate this way.
    6. Powdered sugar is just sugar that’s 10x as fine. Technically, it can be replaced by taking other white sugar, and making it into a finer powder (spice grinder, coffee grinder, mortar and pestle). Just give machines a few seconds for the dust to settle before opening, afterward.

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