My Cafe with Christmas Recipes, Decor, and Story!

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In this video I want to show you all Christmas Recipes and Christmas Decorations, as well as reveal a part of Nicole Story

Update 2017.11 Features:
Starting from December 15th you can meet Nicole – she’s got a magical story and a new Candy Cane display case for holiday recipes.

Also in the update:
The Invite Friend special event
Messages containing gifts cannot be deleted without confirmation
Have Fun!

Thank you for watching, guys, I hope you liked this video about My Café: Recipes & Stories!
Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments!

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  1. Hello I love your videos and I love more My Cafe. I play at this game for two years and its the only one with whom I play so much. If I can say one thing: I want more levels 😂 I like the stories its like telenovelas 😂 thank you for all 💖 (sorry if their is mistakes I speak very bad English)
    ID: 17686546

  2. Player ID 22549219 Happy New year when it comes. I hope you will make the new year for us like you did in 2017 with your new updates and characters. I liked the fact that you added some spice with diago I enjoyed completing his task and winning those gifts but as a level 28 player I finish very early as there is not much to do. I am making this suggestion whenever we finish the first 30 can we get a gift for every other ten we complete. I love the Christmas update by the way it was fun while it lasted. Just like the mini story with Nicole can’t you make mini stories for level 28 players only. This will make players complain less as you work on the storyline. By the way I love the marshmallow update because I have loft style and had bought the coach and you did the style allowing me to buy other furniture in that style. I hope Bill and Mary gets married by June next year. Next thing can you please increase the number of servers and barista for level 28 players do something for us. Love you guys and have a great new year

  3. Gracias por este bello evento, muy divertido y me encantan las recetas! Estoy probando algunas en casa, y estan ricas, aunque no tanto como las que preparas tu, seguro. Gracias de nuevo. Abrazos 🤗🤗😘😘. Mi ID: 27327118 – Kamura DaUmbra.Felices Fiestas para ti y los tuyos. Y para tod@s aquell@s que tecsigan y te lean!

  4. Me encantó la historia de Nicole y su familia, muy emotiva. Amo el juego!! Quería compartir una captura de mi decoración Navideña porque me encanta, pero no lo puedo hacer aqui, saludos desde Uruguay ID: 25552165

  5. Hi Olga .. I already finished nicoles orders and that’s 30 but nicole didnt give me a music box .. it says that talk to cleo to fix the music box but cleo hasnt been back for long since the wedding proposal of bill .. please help

  6. I wonder if every style have their own music to play in the cafe. That would give more vibe for the style. Maybe a live music 😄😄 and also can we send a gift for our friend ? Because I have lot of spices which no customer wants in their special order, rather than throw it away better give it to our friend

    My id: 34907137

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